Happy Planner - June!


Our Happy Planner journey will definitely be
a happy one! I am not regretting
this decision by purchasing a planner for myself
and my daughter.
I would love, love, love to do up a weekly, if not monthly, vlog in our happy planners!
If you are interested in continuing vlogs on these, please give the vlog a thumbs up on our YouTube
I purchased the BUDGET planner, which
is super perfect for me right now in my life as
this is exactly what I am doing and it helps keep
me accountable! Not only do I use it for budgeting,
but I also use it for personal life too.
So join us in our Happy Planner journey, and I
hope I have inspired you to become more budget
conscious, savvy and aware! PLANNING sure does help
and sometimes you just hold on to anything that
will help you budget, save and accomplish your goals.
Where we got our happy planners from:
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