.It's that time of year again when the Big W toy sale is on!
Something definitely not to miss out on,
you can grab yourself some decent bargains in prep
for Christmas or even kids Birthday's.
Not only can you grab a good bargain BUT
you also get a 6 month layby option, which is amazing!!!
You have a massive 6 months to pay it off,
giving you room to generously pay it off over the rest of the year.
Most layby's are over 8 week payments.
So don't miss out, you can save some BIG bucks shopping like this.
It's healthy money splurging when you
spend money wisely in all the right places.
I have four young kids, who are totally obsessed with toys,
books, games, and out door play.
So to me it's only common sense to grab a bargain when I can!
Why pay full price on items when you don't have to!?
Preparing is key!
Scope out what the kids like/ want,
set some boundaries, a budget helps!
Set realistic budget goals for you and your family.
I try to stick to these rules for us;
I do this for all gift's whether it be Christmas
or Birthday's. I find if I stick to these rules for my family and I,
I feel like I accomplish;
1. To not over spend on gifts.
2. That I don't get caught up.
3. That I'm showing my children that toys aren't the only gifts in life.
4. That I stick to my budget.
5. That I set realistic goals for my budget.
6. And of course that I save money! 
Because my children are still quiet young
I don't set a initial budget for each child.
The reason's why are because; One child might like a $25
barbie and that be her ultimate gift,
where as another child's ultimate gift might be $80.
The children will only see the 1 gift per child,
as to the value of it. I try to stick to $100 or less for their main gift
I will get them new lunchbox set/ drink bottle
for the following school/ kinder year.
Especially the really cool ones.
I wait for sales and when there is a good sale on the items
I am wanting, I jump on it. Like Smiggle!
Who doesn't love Smiggle!? Their stuff is super cool,
super funky and good quality. Sometimes their sales are amazing!
You can score up to 40-50% off!
This is just what we do, and what works for us.
I'm always on the hunt for clothes at a bargain price!
Their SOMETHING TO WEAR I always start looking throughout the year.
Like tonight I went into Kmart, not expecting to buy anything,
but I just needed to grab a coffee and have a break!
I found some awesome bargains for the kids.
I found a denim skirt, a hoodie,
a jumper and some pajamas for the girls with a..


I spent $17 and saved $38.
So I will put them away for Christmas and Birthday's.
It's the best way to do it. I could have bought a whole bunch of things,
but I only grabbed what they would need.
When it comes to kids fashion I keep it simple.
Denim is a #1 and we build on that. I try to stick to colours that flow
and go with anything they own. This way I know I won't need to over spend
and my kids won't have a billion and one things that I end up
washing day in/ day out.
I'm such a minimalist with our clothes and I love it!
It means sane mummy! Less washing, less folding, less water,
less stress, less cleaning, less waste and over all less money!


Can you ever have too many books!?
I say yes, but kids love them and they are so,
so good for their learning skills.
I try to rotate books and when they end up with mounds of them
I sell them off and replace. So come Christmas time,
no doubt I will be doing another round of culling down the kids books,
ready for new ones to plant their way in.
SOMETHING TO READ Big W have such a great selection of books
their book sets are hugely discounted in the sale!
Not all of them, but a few! An idea I thought I would do was buy a box set
at 50% off and only give them a few out of the set for Christmas,
then throughout the year reward them with books so they can complete their book
set and you are paying half the price doing it that way.
Come join me as I go to the MIDNIGHT Toy Mania Sale at Big W!
Some crazy mumma's ready with their trolley's at midnight.
Ready to grab a bargain!
Below is the link to my vlog and also a link to the printable I used to
create my Christmas list for the kids. Happy savvy shopping!!