Free Kids Activities - Fishing!


Our kids LOVE fishing,
which I am pretty glad about considering
it's basically a free activity for them!
They don't need a license to fish, but you do as the parent.
They are cheap to get yearly licenses.
Don't forget to look up your local law's on fishing
before throwing in a line or two.


Even though we didn't catch a thing!
We all still had mega loads of fun,
spending at least an hour with the kids fishing
and then going to the park across the road for more fun.

You don't always need to spend money to have
a good time! There are so many things you can
do for free and fishing is one of them!
Not only are the kids getting some well needed
fresh air (very cold in our case today) they
are learning skills and showing team work,
and gaining confidence!

We pack snacks and drinks for the kids,
because we all know too well that kids won't last a minute
on the outside without a snack or two,
It just doesn't happen! So pack em' up and
get them ready because you don't want to be spending
extra money on drinks and food while out fishing.

Come join our free fishing adventures and maybe

you'll be inspired to do some fishing for yourself!


Inspire other free activities over the weekend and
school holidays which are due to arrive very, very soon!