$125 Week Grocery Haul For A Family Of Six


The sequel after our Meal Planning Vlog
on YouTube is now ready to watch!
Come join us as we embark on our cheap-as-chips
grocery haul this fortnight.
We have more than halved
our recent grocery bills which is AMAZING!
Our first ventures are at Aldi (as always),
which is now where I primarily do our groceries.
If you can't access an Aldi, that's totally okay,
as you can still manage your budget
and save some good hard earned money!
Aldi came in at $151.68c such a bargain!
Second, I shopped at Woolworths,
which I price matched to Coles and found that prices
were either on par with Woolworths or
more expensive than Woolworths.
This fortnight I spent $42.71c at Woolworths
scoring me 1 ooshie,
which BTW we are totally not collecting!
Thirdly, the girls and I shopped at our local green grocer,
who by far is the cheapest on fruits and vegetables!
They are amazing! It's totally worth hunting
around to find cheaper alternatives.
I'm always looking for the best value for my money.
We also don't mind if there's a scratch or mark
on our fruit and veg,
since it all goes in the same and
comes out the same, I say! Haha.
At the green grocer, I always shop in 12s,
so that means x12 apples, x12 bananas, x12 pears etc.
For the kids, that works out to be x3 of each piece of fruit,
so that should do them for the week.
On the second week,
I should only need to go back for more fruit and that's it.
We Spent $46.56 this fortnight.
I love grocery days. I love that now I can save so much money and splurge more wisely on items that I use up each fortnight! Nothing goes to waste, and the pantry doesn't get overloaded with food and left there for months because I forgot about it. I love that things are more fresh, simple and flow better.
Everyone in the house knows what dinner will be, what they can snack on, what's for lunch. I pop my meal plans up on the fridge for them to guide them through the week.
I love that I work hard meal prepping for a few days but then get a week and a half off without the extra stress of dinner and lunch each day!
I find the more I am organised in the kitchen, the easier life becomes. I used to spend A LOT of time in the kitchen, I felt like a maid! I don't feel like that now. If we go out, now it's so easy to just chuck a few snacks together or the kids' YumBoxes and off I go. Everything is pre-packed or pre-made, then frozen. So much easier!