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LCHF The Healthy Way has been created for those who follow a low carb/high fat (LCHF) lifestyle. Prior to beginning a new lifestyle change, please ensure to seek medical advice of your own, particularly if you are on medication or have other health difficulties. It is important to make sure that your health is in good order to begin a low carb lifestyle, and that you keep in regular contact with your medical physician. The nutritional panels on the recipes may vary due to the brands you might buy, or quantity of individual servings and the food preparation methods. For best accuracy, you may wish to calculate your own nutritional values, as they are simply a guideline in this book.

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Measuring cups and spoons vary depending on the country you live in. All recipes have been tested using Australian cups and spoons, although the difference may only be subtle with the recipes provided in this cookbook. All cup and spoon measurements are at level. The Australian measuring cup holds 250ml. The Australian teaspoon holds 5ml. The Australia tablespoon holds 20ml (4 teaspoons). In North America, NZ, and the UK, 15g (3 teaspoons) is 1 tablespoon.
Measuring liquid ingredients: 1 American pint is 500ml (16 fl oz), but 1 imperial pint contains 600ml (20 fl oz)

Measuring dry ingredients: scoop into the cup loosely and level off with the back of a knife. Do not tap, and do not shake to compact the ingredients, unless the recipe states firmly packed.





BUTTER For baking, I use unsalted butter. This allows me to adjust the amount of salt I would like to use in the recipe. You may use either unsalted or salted butter, depending upon personal preference. 1 American stick of butter is 125g, while 1 Australian stick of butter is 250g.  

EGGS Unless indicated otherwise, I use large (60g) free-range chicken eggs. To keep eggs fresher for longer, store in the refrigerator. Use the freshest eggs possible when making mayonnaise or beating egg whites for meringues, icings or dressings. Recipes containing raw or barely cooked egg should only be made with very fresh eggs. Have caution, as salmonella may form, particularly with the elderly, children or pregnant women.

BEEF All our beef is grass-fed and sourced from local farmers. As a family, we pride ourselves on local product that is fresh, humane and better for our health.

CHIA We highly recommend not giving any kind of chia to children 3 years or younger, as their little bellies find them hard to fully digest.