# NEW Grocery List Printable

# NEW Grocery List Printable

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grocery list printable


It's all about saving money & time!

Being organised and achieving

Healthy Money Splurging!


This grocery List will help you prepare for your meal planning with heaps of space to tailor the perfect grocery list for you and your family to take grocery shopping. Category's on the Printable include; Cold, Fresh, Pantry, Meat and Wet.

Cold: These are foods you write down which are located in the fridge or freezer sections of the supermarket such as; milk, yogurt, cheese, eggs, ice cream, frozen fruit and vegetables etc

Fresh:  All foods found in the fruit and vegetable section of the supermarkets, I also include fresh herbs, bread, bakery, all perishable items etc.

Pantry: All non perishable items found in the supermarkets such as; canned fruit and vegetables, pasta, rice, cereal, UHT milk, biscuits, crackers, snacks, miscellaneous etc.

Meat: All meaty products whether in the fridge section, deli or butcher.

Wet area: All products that are located in the wet area's of your home such as; Kitchen, bathroom, laundry etc.

The printable also includes 3 colourful shaded area's on the top left hand corner of the page. These area's are to write different supermarkets you would locally attend. Colour coding helps me immensely!

> Once completing your grocery list either for the week, fortnight or month you can then..

> Price compare and price match each item on the list.

> Use the colour coding method and colour in each item (with coloured pencils) that you will be buying from each different store.

This will help and will create a more inviting and less stressful  grocery shop for you. We love this printable and we hope you love it just as much!

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